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Images  by Jax Oliver Studio

"She's iconic" - Tiarne Todd, CEO Moonstone Artists

Introducing Rosa Mack: powerhouse vocalist and veteran of impassioned performances, this Meanjin/Brisbane-based soultress takes to the stage with her seven-piece blues collective, captivating audiences with old school funk flavour and confident style.

Emerging as a fresh collective in late 2020, the humble beginnings of this world-class act have seen numerous sold out shows in Brisbane’s local haunts, a string of critically acclaimed South-East Queensland community festival performances and a capacity-breaching New Years’ Eve performance at Woodford Folk Festival 22/23.


"Engaging, unapologetic, ferociously talented and painfully vulnerable, Rosa Mack gives her audience more than one reason to listen."

Melting soulful tones of the 60’s and 70’s era, the energy of Rosa Mack and her band is underpinned by masterful lyricism, horn-driven funky soul persuasions and Rosas’ soaring vocal range. Enriched by genres of blues, rock and soul their tantalizing original music draws influence from musical matriarchs Amy Winehouse, Brittany Howard, Nai Palm and Nina Simone.

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